1st eidos Graduate School: Identity

Dates: 3-5 February, 2017



February 3

14h00: Christian Wüthrich (University of Geneva), “Identity in Physics”.

15h45: Thomas Sattig (University of Tübingen), “Paradoxes of Identity: Coincidence and Fission”.

17h30: Valerio Buonomo (University of Milano, Centre for Philosophy of Time), “Personal Identity and Temporal Parts”.

February 4

09h00: Alexander Skiles (New York University), “To be F is to be G”.

10h45: Annina J. Loets (Trinity College, Oxford), “To be F qua G”.

13h45: John Divers (University of Leeds), “Identity and Modality after Quine”.

15h30: Robert Michels (University of Geneva), TBA

17h15: Fatema Amijee (University of Texas at Austin), “The Ontological Status of Identity”.

February 5

09h00: Thomas Sattig (University of Tübingen), “The Sense and Reality of Personal Identity”.

10h45: Claudio Calosi (University of Neuchâtel), “Identity and Mereology”.

13h45: Martina Botti (Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa, and LOGOS), “A Non-Quinean Metaontology for Composition as Identity”.

15h30: John Divers (University of Leeds), “(An Antirealist Attempt to meet) The Demands of a Comprehensive Theory of Counterfactuals”.


Université de Neuchâtel

Espace Louis-Agassiz

Room R.E. 46


Ghislain Guigon, Fabrice Correia, Christian Wüthrich, Alex Skiles, Maria Scarpati, Benjamin Neeser, Paolo Natali.

Contact: ghislain.guigon@unige.ch


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